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Health and Wellbeing is not a destination, it's a way of life!
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What is Power E®?

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Power E® is a unique fusion of yoga, pilates and martial arts inspired workouts. The breath synchronised movements flow smoothly, to energise, strengthen and lengthen the muscles while developing core strength, agility and endurance.

Power E® tones and sculpts the body while delivering a turbocharged low impact high NRG workout.

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The Power E® Workout

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Power E is a unique fusion of yoga, pilates and martial arts inspired moves, in a simple to follow calorie burning workout. Power E tones, lengthens and chisels the body, while delivering zen like inner calm.

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The Power Energetics® Life Academy (PELA) is home of Power E® Studies in Meditation and Wellbeing. We provide comprehensive training for people who wish to pursue careers as instructors, Coaches, Healing Educators, Stress Management Consultants and much more.

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Power E® Detox Pack

Heal yourself from the inside out by releasing limiting beliefs about yourself.

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Power E® Vitality Pack

Refresh and Re-invent the way you look and feel, today and everyday.

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Power E® Inner Calm Pack

Find stillness within and reclaim your inner peace and tranquility.

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Power E® is the next generation in meditation. A BodyMindFitness workout at it's Best! Lose the weight, lose the stress and be the BEST YOU ! See you at Power E®
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Makita Gabriel, Creator of Power E®
The Power E® Workout practice is incredible! It’s innovative and unique, and truly allows you to explore your soul and your feelings. It provides so many more results than pilates or yoga – the circular breathing and postures are all unique in themselves. An outstanding workout that improves health and vitality, while empowering the body and min...
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Samantha H, ON
Whether you want to restore your life’s balance, calm yourself or energize yourself, lose weight or rejuvenate yourself – one thing is clear for me, Power E® is a method superior to all that I’ve heard and I’d definitely recommend it to anyone confused by the abundance of semi-effective methods out there!
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Paula Aberdeen
Early in 2010 I was introduced to Power E® and was immediately transported to a new level of consciousness and physical awareness. I was at once energised and centred. I had never undertaken any form of physical activity that could come close to the qualities experienced in my very first Power E® session. I left feeling empowered, uplifted, tran...
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A Costarella, Perth
I practice many forms of movement and find Power E® wonderful. The classes improve strength, flexibility and aerobic fitness but through soul intention. I appreciate it as a practical, grounded approach that honors us as energetic beings. It really is good for the body, mind and spirit. Makita's compassion and energy is heart-warming and I am t...
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Jess / J M
I am transformed! I had done yoga regularly in the past and generally left a class feeling pretty relaxed, but the results were usually short lived – After 3 months of Power E®, combined with Makita’s motivational coaching, I am transformed! Physically, mentally and emotionally. I am so much calmer, better able to manage my reactions to stress ...
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Stacey, Australia
I’m amazed at the Healing Properties of Power E®. I’ve been amazed at the healing properties of doing Power-E®.
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Beth / B.W
It’s been incredible. I’m feeling a lot trimmer and tauter and fitter since Ive been doing Power-E®. It’s just been incredible.
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Viv / V W
The Spa retreat has been life changing for me, along with doing Power E® everyday. It’s the first time I’ve actually seen myself as a real person. I feel like I’m slowly starting to feel my heart now, to feel, I guess, love for myself. Thanks Makita – you’ve helped me in my life so much, it’s unbelievable.
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Claire / C.G
I am more heart focused. Makita is a living example of what Power E® can do.I have undertaken yoga and Qi Kung for many years and have not reached the physical well being and spiritual well being that I have reached with Power E®. Makita is a gentle,beautiful spirit, and I am blessed to have found Power E® and Makita Gabriel.
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Mizzie Munford ES, Teacher
Makita’s COACHING Clients say it Best Makita has empowered thousands of clients world-wide to find balance, peace, direction energy wellbeing and unshakable inner knowing. Makita’s achievements so far in the arena of energy wellbeing have been remarkable!
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Richard / R.H
Thank you for the gift of your energy clarity and wisdom. It has accelerated my own transformation and movement forward!
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Mandi Ray, Massage Therapist
There are individuals that live in your heart a long time after you meet them. Makita is one of these people. She inspired me to empower myself and not give up on myself or my relationship. Life has turned out to be so much more than I ever believed. Thankyou for the coaching, it has helped me so much.
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Amanda Roland, Natural Therapist
Makita Gabriel you are without a doubt one of the best things that has happened to me, I know the universe sent me to you and you have truly changed my life. I can't thank you enough for guiding me to find the healer within myself and to be true to myself. You've definitely helped me to really open up and live my life through my heart not my mi...
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Claire Ghabriel, Personal Trainer
Makita inspires you and empowers you towards optimal health and wellbeing because her meditations help you to work out. Lose the stress and make your dreams come true! Sounds big...Makita's program is fantastic. It's all part of her workout, medi8, love life philosophy - an approach to healthy living that has earned this delightful creative entr...
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L. Ruffia
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